Idle Screenings

An exhibition of original and selected artworks,
streamed off-demand to your vacant computer

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How it Works

1. Download & install our screensaver

2. Stop using your computer

3. Watch art work while you idle

Web to Screen

Idle Screenings accesses and represents digital objects made by known good artists working today.

We consume image feeds, current moods, professional portfolios, and other dark pools of material,

delivering new looks and forms to thousands of disused monitors daily.

Exhibition 2014

Exhibition 2013 +

Exhibition 2012 →


Idle Screenings streams art to thousands of desktops daily, through our custom screensaver.

The exhibition explores value within an attention economy by presenting work to empty audiences in vacant rooms, at the expense of other resources, such as energy, bandwidth, and time.


We launched Idle Screenings in 2012 as a one week exhibition, featuring the five most downloaded movies on the web, available in three formats: Screensaver, GIF blog, and PowerPoint.

In 2013, our format shifted to the presentation of original video works by excellent artists from around the world. You can view these works under the Exhibition 2013 section below.

We are excited to be streaming new and rare content to a broad audience of empty desks, back-filling a channel that has been static for too long.